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US Patent No. 6,687,003 • AU Patent No. 763370 • EP Patent No. 1131658
What is ColorCode 3-D ® ?
The most powerful & universal 3-D delivery system
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ColorCode 3-D
What is ColorCode 3-D
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ColorCode 3-D is a new and patented 3-D delivery system

The ColorCode 3-D system consists of the ColorCode 3-D Pro™ encoding of your 3-D material and the matching ColorCode 3-D Glasses™. It is the only 3-D system in the world that can deliver full-color 3-D to any display ranging from prints, mobile devices, computer and TV displays to digital projectors and large LED video walls without any additional costly hardware investments.

Examples of successful ColorCode 3-D projects

• ColorCode 3-D along with DreamWorks Animation, PepsiCo SoBe Lifewater, Intel Corporation and
  NBC created the first-of-its-kind nationwide 3-D event for Super Bowl XLIII. 130 million ColorCode
  3-D Glasses were produced and distributed free to consumers via 28,000 shopping centers across
  the US in what is being called one of the biggest media-advertising events in history - 3-D broadcast
  in USA, February 2009.

• Special 3-D double episode of the sci-fi comedy “Chuck” in co-operation with Warner Bros TV and
  NBC - 3-D broadcast and DVD release in USA, February 2009.

• News and trends in the field of 3-D presented in Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, People, Sports
  Illustrated and Time Magazine in USA, March 2009.

• “3D Week” at Channel 4 in co-operation with Channel 4 and CAN Communicate - 3-D broadcast in
  UK, November 2009.

“Comcast Holiday Spectacular” shown on the world’s largest indoor LED video wall (8 x 25 meters)
  in co-operation with Comcast and Niles Creative Group in USA, December 2009.

• Video On Demand with a series of Hollywood 3-D movies in co-operation with Telenet and Q-Music
  in Belgium, Spring/Summer 2010.

• Queen Elizabeth in 3-D at CBC in co-operation with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - 3-D
  broadcast in Canada, September 2010.

3-D presentation on the world’s largest outdoor LED video wall (22 x 49 meters) at the Scitor Kickoff
  event on Dallas Cowboys Stadium in USA, October 2010.

• International web campaign for education in co-operation with Wreck Creative Studios and EF
  Education First - 3-D web promotion, January 2011.

• Medical 3-D product presentations and promotion used worldwide by companies such as Alcon,
  AstraZeneca, Leo Pharma, Hoffmann-La Roche, Bayer and Merck since 2005.

More than 167 million ColorCode 3-D Glasses™ is already sold worldwide & counting. They are available in a number of different models and have the great advantage of being compatible with all display types and viewing situations.

Where to use ColorCode 3-D ?

The ultimate 3-D broadcast solution for TV and Internet

Instead of waiting for a sufficient penetration of 3-D TV’s, ColorCode 3-D can be used to broadcast 
3-D using the today’s existing broadcast infrastructure and TV-sets as well as for Internet streaming. Furthermore a ColorCode 3-D image looks almost like an ordinary color image when viewed without the ColorCode 3-D Glasses. This means everyone can view the result including the approx. 10% of the population who are stereo-blind.

3-D at events, sports and concerts

Are you making a small trade show or a giant arena event ?  ColorCode 3-D is the only full-color 3-D system that will run on both the pre-installed LED video wall in the world’s largest arenas as well as on the flat panel display you have been using with your latest trade shows. So why not make your next event a 3-D experience ?

3-D on-the-go

With ColorCode 3-D your 3-D content can be delivered to any mobile device with a color display. This is a great new way of advertising, communication or just pure entertainment.

Play in 3-D

3-D games are already here, but they need to be presented to the audience in a 3-D system that works with already existing hardware otherwise it will only become a 3-D experience for the few. We can help you add 3-D to existing or upcoming gaming titles and invite your audience right into the game using existing hardware and gaming platforms.

3-D anywhere, anytime

ColorCode 3-D is always the right choice if you care about quality, price, availability and ease of use - It is simply great 3-D today !
Where to use ColorCode 3-Dhttp://www.colorcode3d.com/Vault/PDF/Where%20to%20use%20ColorCode%203-D.pdfshapeimage_13_link_0
What is ColorCode 3-Dhttp://www.colorcode3d.com/Vault/PDF/What%20is%20ColorCode%203-D.pdfshapeimage_15_link_0
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